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Target Laser’s New ERP System Greatly Enhances Customer Service and Communication


Target Laser debuts all-new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

According to Steve Reiter, president, “We spent over a year conducting a thorough technology assessment, and feel we have selected the software that ultimately will help us better serve our customers.”

This ERP implementation represents the single largest technology infrastructure investment in the company’s 32-year history. The Target team worked tirelessly, investing the time and effort to ensure that the launch of this new ERP system was a major success.

Change Our Customers Can See.

Although a myriad of positives from the ERP upgrade are transparent, many others will be immediately visible to our customers. All documentation produced by the system, including quotes, order confirmations, shipping confirmations and invoices, will have a new look.

In the near future customers will benefit from a more comprehensive view of all activities, not only on service contracts and cases, but also in order tracking, order history, pricing, availability, and invoices.

Then over time, customer and supplier integration options will be greatly enhanced by Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and similar technologies, creating and improving supply chain efficiencies for all participants.

We’ve invested a significant amount of effort in developing, verifying data and testing system integrity, along with extensive training for all internal users to ensure smooth process flows.

Please contact us to learn more about our new ERP system.

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