Target Laser & Fabricating

ISO 9001:2015 Certified


It’s sort of difficult to talk about our efforts in quality control at Target Laser & Fabricating without sounding like we are bragging. However, it really is at the core of our business.

Why is it so important? I think it goes back to how we were brought up as a family. You know, the whole “If you are going to do something, do it right” school of thought. Integrity, honesty, confidence and trust is how we define the relationships we forge with our customers.

Every day when we come to work we challenge ourselves to get the job done right. Is it a source of pride? Sure it is. But it also is a force that helps keep our feet to the fire.

Another reason quality is so critical is that over the years we’ve built some pretty great relationships with our customers. In so many instances we aren’t manufacturing products to sell, we are creating products to help our friends grow their business.

If you are a current Target customer thank you for your business. If you are considering Target Laser & Fabricating, it would be our pleasure to earn your trust.

Target Laser & Fabricating